Coming Summer 2017!


A dog park for the whole community



  • Budget: $40,000.
  • Annual running cost: $5-7k
  • Largest item is fencing (approx. $25k). 
  • 100% funded by donations.
  • Fence construction in mid- late-August


Goal: $40,000

Latest: $19,300

Contributions received with thanks from private donors as well as:

  • 1st State Bank
  • Monsanto
  • Great Western Bank
  • U Iowa Community Credit Union
  • Grinnell Lions Club
  • Grinnell Veterinary Clinic
  • Lions Club
  • Grinnell Medical Regional Center 
  • Grinnell Mutual

Endorsement from Poweshiek County (link)

Endorsement from City of Grinnell (see pages 14-16)


  • 2.5 acre off-leash dog park.
  • Separate fenced small dog area
  • Agility training equipment (obstacles, jumps, etc). 
  • Located on PALS’ four acre property, just south of Brownell’s
  • Owned and operated by PALS
  • $30 annual membership per household
  • Employee benefits for employers/organizations (see below)



Double Your Money!

Grinnell Mutual has a dollar-for-dollar matching challenge up to $5,000 so your tax deductible donation will be doubled!

Donations over $100 come with PALS Park membership.

Donate to PALS Park

Or by mail to PALS Park, PO Box 123, Grinnell IA, 50112

Other ways to help

  • Funding, advice, supplies and/or labor all welcome.
  • Materials needed include:
    • Paving/gravel for driveway and parking
    • Landscaping: brush clearing & mulch for path through wooded area
    • Installation of water fountain
    • Signs (park rules, etc) 

Questions or suggestions?

Contact Barry Driscoll (barrydrisc at gmail dot com) or 

Employee benefits for businesses (donations are tax deductible)

  • Biscuit Level: Less than $250
    • ½ price PALS Park membership for 1 year for up to 5 employees
  • Leash Level: $250
    • Small sign with name on dog park fence
    • Membership for 5 employees for 2 years
  • Puppy level: $500
    • Medium size sign on dog park fence
    • Membership for 20 employees for first 2 years
  • Dog level: $1,500
    • Large sign with logo posted for 3 years
    • Membership for 50 employees for 3 years
  • Park Level: $5,000
    • Large sign with logo posted for 5 years
    • Membership for all employees for 5 years
  • Or an employee challenge
    • If just a few of your employees donate, then all of your organization gets park membership!
    • The number of donations depends on the size of your organization. 
    • For example: one Grinnell employer has 150 employees, so we challenged just 25 employees to make a donation at any level so all 150 employees get park membership!
    • Contact Barry to work out a deal for your organization. 

July 9 - The Work Starts!

Site preparation generously donated by VanTomme Landscaping